Are you looking for how to change your name on Soundcloud? The name you log in to any account you use becomes your identification. It is considered wise to use your name for any app or web site. But many people log in to the accounts by using fake names. And they regret later for it.

Soundcloud is a music streaming app that lets you play a playlist or create one by using your username so that other members may search for you too. Therefore, to allow them to examine you without any inconvenience, you have to put your username that is clear, concise, and correct.

For example, if someone on Soundcloud provides a fake name that is interesting to hear but doesn’t show any authorization and that person creates their music; the world likes it, everyone asks for the artist, and that is the time you need your name to shine. But you cannot do that because you provided the fake username of Soundcloud and now, you want to change it. Let’s see how to change your name on Soundcloud.

Luckily, Soundcloud allows you to do that. You can totally change your name by opening your profile page but from a web browser on your computer. Open your Soundcloud account, click on the cog icon then settings then profile. There shows a profile header, you just have to click the “edit” button. And there, bingo! You can choose whatever display name you want or what name you would like to be when other members search for you. Make sure to make it different by understandable; you can also use spaces, capital letters, numbers, underscores, small letters, and hyphens but you cannot make a change in your name through mobile apps.

This is what happens when you change your display name on Soundcloud:

You will be able to get searched by other members on Soundcloud by changing your username, but you won’t show up in the Google search engine instantly, and that will take a short time. As it is entirely dependent on Google to clear its cache and Soundcloud cannot help them do it. So, you just have to wait for a while to see your name appearing on the Google search engine. But you won’t face any difficulty on Soundcloud.

Policies of Soundcloud for using misleading information or fake usernames:

Though Soundcloud had put the needs of the users to make something of themselves and offered its users to create the music and upload it on the app; they appreciate people using their stage names as usernames. However, they don’t accept the idea of using a fake name of the portrait as someone else so; they want people to provide their correct information on the app.

It's effortless to change your name on Soundcloud if you are having any troubles with the previous title. Hopefully, you fully understood the terms of how to change your name on Soundcloud and put your knowledge into good use.

Shahzaib Hassan