Are you are looking for how to delete Soundcloud account? So, let know first a little about Soundcloud.

Soundcloud is a popular music streaming app which lets you listen to some songs in an mp3 version for free. It also provides a platform for upcoming musicians or artists who are yet to be discovered. The app is cleanly designed and very easy to use, but it has recently removed the function of uploading the files which have made many users to delete the account. Here is what you need to know before saying goodbye to Soundcloud.

Soundcloud's data removal policy

Soundcloud is a company based in Germany, and it has to follow the rules and regulations of the German law so, the policies of the US do not imply here. As a consequence, by deleting your account, all of your data will also be removed including the songs you had uploaded and the data connection to the music.

How to delete Soundcloud account

You cannot delete your account with the help of iPhone or iPad so, you will have to use the desktop version in your web browser of your computer or laptop. You must remove all the connected apps linked to Soundcloud account before deleting it; you will find the “Revoke access” button next to the related or relevant apps heading in the connecting section. Finally, to delete your account, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: open on your web browser in your computer and log in to by inserting your username and password details.

Step 2: now, there will come three dots in the right corner of the upper section and select settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: you will be navigated to the settings page directly and under the heading of the account, click on “delete account” link at the bottom.

Step 4: if you want to mention the reason why you want to remove the service, you can (it’s optional) by selecting one or more answers or by adding another one. Now, confirm the deletion of your account by clicking “Yes, I want to delete my account and all my tracks, comments, and stats” and press the orange button that says “delete my account.” (deleted accounts stay in the line and gets removed within a few minutes).

Additional steps to take after deleting the Soundcloud account

After you have deleted your account, you can now remove the application from your device. As a prompt, don’t neglect to disable linking your Soundcloud account to your other accounts that are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any separate account you might have linked Soundcloud with. Don't worry if deleted accounts links still show you connected on Google search; it happens because of the caching. If you see that Google hasn’t removed the links or hasn’t recognized yet that the account is no more active, you can send a request to remove your information and Soundcloud profile from Google search.

Now, you must know how to delete Soundcloud account which you are no longer interested in.

Shahzaib Hassan