Downloading music from Soundcloud is easy nowadays. Soundcloud is an administration program that works online, and the app helps in sharing the music worldwide which allows the customers to create, upload or foster audile. You will find the chartbuster songs, top albums, and upcoming artists and musicians on Soundcloud. It contains songs and music from every genre for every user’s different taste for the ultimate entertainment. You can listen to the songs online but if you want to download music from Soundcloud; here are three methods.

Method 1: Direct Website Downloading

First of all, sign into your account and choose the song you want to download. Then go through the link:

The link will lead to the Soundcloud’s front page. Now, click on to the search bar at the top of the page; type in the name of the song and press enter. By entering, you will have the page with the related song and see if the song contains a download button if it enables the download option so just click it and the song will automatically upload in your computer or the device you are using.

Method 2: Downloading through Chrome

There is a Soundcloud extension that can only be used in Chrome. Click on the link to download the Soundcloud extension from the chrome:

Now click at to Chrome button that is in blue in the upper corner of the window. Finally, click the “add the extension” button in green color to have the Chrome extension for Soundcloud. Now after installing the extension, open this link and login to your account: 

Now click the search bar that says the search for artists, bands, tracks, podcasts. Type a track’s name you want to download and press enter. There will be a list of songs in front of you select one. You can now like, share, and repost the song and click on the download button to have the track in your device.

Method 3: Soundcloud’s website for downloading open the site in your browser. Click on the search bar to download music from Soundcloud. Put in the song’s name and click on the search button. Now, after having a row of songs click the song’s title that will open a new window containing the song. When the new window opens, copy the link in the address bar.

With this, open another tab in the browser:

and put this link and a new page will be opened. (If the site isn’t working for you, Klickaud and Soundcloud to mp3 will help you out by performing the same thing) Now add the link you copied of the song. You will see an orange button that says download. Click on it, and your download will start.

These are the methods you can use to downloadmusic from Soundcloud without keeping yourself away from entertainment. Choose any way that suits you or works better for you, but the result will be the same with high-quality audio files.

Shahzaib Hassan