The question that arises in the mind of most of the people is “how to download Soundcloud songs.” SoundCloud is one of the most used apps to listen to the song with millions of tracks, and the number is still increasing. You can choose the songs with the help of a catalog containing music from every genre.

 Soundcloud brings you a wide range of vibrant songs that are uploaded on the app and customized according to your taste. The number of uploaded songs grows with each passing day on Soundcloud; that’s why the app has made it simple to search and track the songs for users. It also comes with a like and hides button so that, it recommends you the songs you like and hide the ones you don’t want to listen. It depends on your usage of the app for getting favorite songs and latest music files. If you own an iOS or Android, both have different measures on how to download Soundcloud songs. Let's check out both.

Download Soundcloud songs on Android:

The use of Soundcloud has become popular because it provides many advantages to its customers like artists can upload their songs and get featured by the app. But the bonus is that you can listen to any song you love without any single charge. And the problem is you can’t download the songs on your gadget.

Fortunately, there is a way through which you cannot listen to the song but download it as well to listen to it anywhere you want without needing an internet connection. The task can only be done with the help of third-party extension but beware of the spam websites or apps that claim to know how to download Soundcloud songs, but they only send viruses and malware into your device. Hence, the best Soundcloud downloader for songs can just be taken by following these steps:

Step 1: Search the app from Skyguy126 and install the Soundcloud on your device.

Step 2: After installation, launch the app, and you’ll be asked to permit the Soundcloud app. Now click on “Activate and reboot” to complete the installation.

Step 3: Done with the reboot, now open up the app and set up your preferences like where you want the songs to download. And launch the official app.

Step 4: Finally, search the song and tap to see the download option. Click on it and enjoy the song downloaded in your device.

Download Soundcloud Songs on iOS

The layout of Soundcloud in iOS is worth winning awards because it has stunning transitions and the display is easy to use, but there is one problem you cannot download the songs for the offline use. Thankfully, by using two methods, you can easily download the Soundcloud songs.

First one is, download any third-party apps (they look the same) and it will show you the list of songs you want to download. And the second method is a search for the song you want in your device; if there is a download button tap that button and the download will start instantly. So, here is how to download the Soundcloud songs on iOS.

Shahzaib Hassan