This article lets you know how to edit a Soundcloud profile, utilizing an iPhone or Android. SoundCloud's versatile application doesn't enable you to alter your image, yet you can open the desktop site in your portable web program, and change your picture on your telephone.


1.      Go to the SoundCloud site in your program. Type into the location bar, and press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your console.

2.      Open your program's choices menu. Your program will initially open SoundCloud's versatile site. You can change to the desktop see from your program's list.

3.      Tap Request a desktop site on the menu. It will change you to the desktop form of the SoundCloud site. You can sign in and alter your profile here.

4.       Tap Sign in on the upper right. It will open the sign-in structure on another page.

5.      Sign in to your SoundCloud account. It will open your Home feed.

6.      Tap your profile picture thumbnail under "SoundCloud Weekly." You can discover a thumbnail of your profile picture beside "Dependent on your listening history" beneath your week after week playlist. It will open your profile page.

7.      Then again, you can tap your image beside the hunt bar in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Profile, however, a few programs may not enable you to see this piece of the page in desktop.

8.      You can likewise open your profile by entering your profile's URL interface into the program's location bar at the top.

9.      Go right to one side and tap Edit. This catch resembles a pencil symbol by Share in the upper-right corner of your profile. You should swipe left on the site page, and go right to one side to discover this catch. It will open another spring up titled "Alter your Profile."

10.  Tap Update picture in the altering spring up to know how to edit a Soundcloud profile. You can discover this catch on your profile picture in the Edit your Profile window. It will open your choices on spring up menu.

11.  Select the alternative you need to use for your new profile picture. You can choose to take another image with your telephone's camera or transfer a photo from your versatile exhibition.

12.  Select or take another profile picture. You can just tap an image in your display to transfer it or utilize your camera to catch another image right away.

13.  Utilize the - and + catches underneath the image to alter the estimate. You'll see a size change slider beneath your new picture's mind in the Edit your Profile window.

14.  Tap the Save changes catch. It is an orange catch at the base of the Edit your Profile window. It will spare your new picture, and update your profile.

If you had always wanted to change your profile but couldn’t do so; now, with the help of this article, you must have an idea of how to edit a Soundcloud profile. So, take benefit of it, and start making those changes you had always wanted to.

Shahzaib Hassan