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Sound cloud promotion Packages 2018:


SoundCloud: How to promote your musical creations

Promote yourself on SoundCloud

In this article, we give you some tips to master SoundCloud and effectively do SoundCloud promotion through the SoundCloud promotion packages and SoundCloud promotion sites. Use keywords to find people who have the same musical tastes as you. Follow people (Following) according to your musical tastes. You can click on an artist you know and follow the people. Remember that you cannot follow too many people before a certain amount of time passes since you can receive a warning. This allows Sound Cloud to avoid spams and robots.

SoundCloud allows a maximum of 2,000 Follows per account. If you follow a person that you recently removed from your friend's list ( Unfollow ), you run the risk of being blocked and you will not be able to do follows; similarly, if you follow too many people in a short period. If you insist for a certain period of time after the warning, your account will be blocked, usually 2 to 3 days. If you keep insisting, the blocking period will increase to a week and so on. It is, however, best to look for the SoundCloud promotion packages in order to opt for Sound cloud promotion.

On the menu, click Following to access the following information: Following, Followers, Playlist, Likes, Comments, etc. Capture followers ("Followers") Often, by following a person, they will do the same. In addition, regularly add content to your page, as it will be disseminated in the flow of all the people who follow you, which will improve your statistics over time.  Another way to attract followers is to have musical productions with good sampling. SoundCloud is not based on the weight of the file, but on time. This allows you to put files with heavier formats, such as.WAV, for better quality.

What do SoundCloud promotion sites do?

There are many of the SoundCloud promotion sites, see what they do!

Share your musical productions

When a user wants to share your musical production, they will direct it to their page. If this user has many friends or is known, the number of reproductions of your musical production can increase considerably and be shared many times.

The groups

The groups are a very good means of promotion, however, requires that you spend a little time for greater effectiveness. Each musical production cannot adhere to more than 75 groups. Search for groups that correspond to your criteria, style, tracks, mix. Just read the description to be sure to respect the criteria. Select the Groups filter in the menu on the left to find groups to join;

  • Click Join to join the group and Leave to withdraw. There is no limit to the number of groups to which you can belong. The limit of 75 groups only applies to musical productions or mix.

You can see and manage the list of groups in the menu that is at the top and clicking on Groups:

  • You just have to add the songs to the groups by clicking on the logo with the two silhouettes:

Once you have added your music production to the groups, you can double-click it to update it and place it at the top of the group's page. But, as with the follows, there is a limit. By exceeding this limit your account may be blocked for a certain period of time. Promote your musical productions in other social networks.

1.    Use the groups Search for groups related to your musical style

The more specific it is - provided it is also active - the better. This will help you get a lot of feedback and interact with other related producers; leads and collaborations may arise, that is, synergies. You can also use the SoundCloud search engine to search for groups in your affinity zone - and not so related - looking here for a community that might allow you to do more bowling, for example. The rest you already know: do not bother or overwhelm them with your music or your promotion.  You can even search for keywords such as "tools", "software", etc. You will be surprised by some groups that have been created and, above all, what you can contribute to them and how they can help you. There are many SoundCloud promotion packages choose the ones that suit your needs.

2. Optimize your profile

This is basic. Fill in your profile, add a photo, add your bio. Think of SoundCloud as a platform where the producer or DJ has almost all his material: do not leave anything untied in what may be your most important online cover letter.  If you are at this point, you are already following a strategy, even if it is a basic strategy. If so, you will have a Social Media ecosystem in which you move. Well, do not forget to add the links to all the platforms you are on, do not forget to integrate all your identity and digital activity so that you are easily found as an example of integration well done and full profile, you can look at the SoundCloud promotion packages.

3.     Publish and share

With the same as in the previous point, do not forget, for each new track, publish it in each of the platforms in which you are present. The schedules are also important.

4.    Take care of your fans

It seems a lie, but in all the pages that I see, this is the least done. Remember that you are here for your fans. You do not have to be a NASA engineer for this, it's basically:

> Answering all the comments you make on the tracks

> Welcome the new followers

> In short: talk, but really talk, with the people who are "at home listening to your music and commenting"

5.    Information on your tracks

As in the profile, try to put a photo on the track when you upload it, label it well about its genre or genres and, above all, put the link to buy the track! (if you do not have authorized downloads). It would not be bad if you also put the data on your social profiles since sometimes you go directly to the track from other sources and you do not visit the artist's account. Here you have a good example with the track that Mar-T went up just 10 days ago.

6.    Free music

I do not remember where I heard recently that "the sad thing would be that they would not even want to download your music for free". In the face of new models of music consumption that mostly happen through an extensive use of streaming, and in a world of DJs / producers where the remix culture reigns more than anywhere else, sometimes it makes no sense to put barriers to that your music be used At least let your "original mixes" be used for it. He also thinks that, given the reduced royalties for artists by streaming platforms and even online sales, it is well worth renouncing them in search of opportunities to gain visibility and, "at the end of the game", leads. Linking this point with the first point, that of the groups can also be a good strategy.

7.    Use the contact lists

Organizing your contact portfolio is always a good option, whatever the business, project or just your daily life. This will help you to know, at a glance, which of your followers like the house -if, for example, you classify them by style- and, why not, the next house track that you upload you can notify them by mail exclusively to them Thanks to the list.

8.    Use the Sets

With a purpose very similar to the previous point, organize your EPs or your collections in sets. From the point of view of the fan, apart from being easier to find and play - if I just want to listen to that collection - you can also share the whole set on other social networks.

9.    Comment and follow

 Through the SoundCloud promotion packages that we render, we just care of your fans, creating community and interacting with them does not mean strafing them with your new releases or promos. Think, what do you like? Do you like to be told, to listen to your tracks and to mark your music as a favorite? Do you like to have new followers? Well, just that. Start doing this with the artists you like, or with the contacts that could be key - it's the perfect way to break the ice if you do not know each other - and you'll see how soon the results come without forcing, and in a very natural way and nothing invasive.

10.  Check your strategy

As we said in the second point, if you are carrying out a strategy, the logical thing is that you are measuring your results. An easy way to do it can be found here. Well, by measuring it you will find out what works best for you and what does not work so well for you. Perfect! You have the necessary data to enhance everything good and correct the bad.

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