Soundcloud is a platform for the people, who love dwelling in the ocean of music, and there is a need for a right Soundcloud banner size. Soundcloud lets people create and listen to the music from international bands, and the rising musicians can also upload their files on to Soundcloud to get discovered. If you are the one among those who want to release their tunes into the world and you have the talent to aspire, create, and compose unique music; you will stand out in the crowd. And for that, you need to make a first impression on your followers and to make that happen; you must know to put a vivid profile pictures as well as a perfect Soundcloud banner size to make yourself get noticed.

Soundcloud banner size

The Soundcloud banner has to be 2480 x 520 pixels, and the image must be in the format of JPEG or PNG. The file size has to be less than 2 megabytes. Now if you are looking for the Soundcloud banner tips, take a look at the best practices to know more.

Keep it simple

The banner is the first thing in your profile that is noticed by other users so, do not add a lot of text instead, add right visuals to make it an attractive image but make sure to create a consistency between your profile picture and the banner. Always use the same font and the corresponding primary colors in your profile picture, image gallery, and the banner; however, the images must be of good quality and show professionalism.

Adding the right visuals

Now that you have come to realize the Soundcloud banner size, with that you need to put up a photo with right visuals. The visuals need to reflect on you and your band style to make a mark. It should help listeners to connect with you and let them have an idea of what you are offering to them. You must add the right color and design according to what your opinion is. If you sing solo romantic songs, the visuals must consist of soft and pastel colors, but if you are in a hardcore band, you can choose dark colors or visuals for the banner.

Other graphic design apps

You can also use some other graphics designing apps to create specific visuals for your account to outshine in a crowd of billions of people. The apps you can use are:

·         The designer task to save your time and provide you with an exciting and eye-catching banner.

·         Canva is one of the useful and simple tools to design an attractive banner for Soundcloud account. The images created by Canva always come in right dimensions which makes the working on design simple to make a striking Soundcloud page.

·         Bannersnack to help you customize the Soundcloud banner size and templates into your individual preferences and style which will let you stand out. It is a natural process by which you will have a good picture, in the end, to upload on the account.

Shahzaib Hassan