If you want to download a song onto your computer or device, you can directly download the songs from the app, but if you are having any troubles in downloading, you can use Soundcloud downloader Chrome.

Let's see how you can download the songs by using Chrome.

Using Soundcloud downloader on Chrome with these steps

Step 1: First of all, open Google Chrome as only Google Chrome can download songs from Soundcloud downloader extension.

Step 2: Click on the link to find the Soundcloud downloader

Step 3: now click on the search store text box in the left side on the upper section, and click the Soundcloud downloader and there will appear a menu.

Step 4: Now click, add to chrome (a blue button on the right side of the upper window).

Step 5: Now a prompt will appear, click Extension; doing this, the downloader for the chrome will start installing.

Step 6: Now, open the Soundcloud site in your browser

Step 7: Login to your account by inserting your ID and password. Then, click on the search bar that includes “search for artists, bands, tracks, and podcasts.”

Step 8: Now type in the song’s name you want to search and press enter, the search for the song will start. And there will appear a list of the songs, select the one you want to download

Step 9: click on the download option that shows with many other options such as like, repost, and share.

Step 10: If your computer asks to select the song location, do select, and the download will start.

Benefits of downloading the songs from Soundcloud downloader Chrome

Here are some of the benefits of Soundcloud downloader Chrome.

·         It's new, stylish, and very fast

·         Downloads music directly

·         Maximizes the download speed

·         Quick and easy download

·         Offers exceptional flexibility

·         Easy integration and operation

·         Helps users in building up the music library quickly

·         Transferrable media files

·         Can also listen to the music offline

Download Soundcloud Songs using KlickAud Soundcloud downloader chrome extension

Written below are some of the steps that you can follow and download the music from Soundcloud using KlickAudSoundcloder downloader chrome extension to get the music without any difficulty within minutes.

Step 1: install the Soundcloud downloader chrome extension in your computer.

Step 2: open the Soundcloud website in your browser.

Step 3: login to your account by providing the details of your username and password.

Step 4: the home page will open and search the songs in the search bar.

Step 5: the list will appear in front of you, select on the song you want to download (you can also download the song in your playlist).

Step 6: click on the button “download” and wait for a few seconds, the download of the song will start.

By using Soundcloud downloader Chrome extension, you can enjoy any song you like by downloading it within a few seconds, and you can also listen to the songs offline anywhere you want.

Shahzaib Hassan