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SoundCloud Premium


SoundCloud is an online music gallery, where you can find all genres of music. What makes SoundCloud stand out is that, it lets new artists upload their music. It’s a convenient way to get famous. Comes with both free and purchasable songs. Lately, there has been an addition in the SoundCloud policy. It has started offering two plans one is SoundCloud pro and one is SoundCloud go. You only have to pay a little amount in order to get the best experience you have ever had. SoundCloud will never fail to impress you. All you have to do is put your trust in their hands. Most of the people now, share SoundCloud link rather the downloaded audio content.

SoundCloud Pro

The SoundCloud Pro plan consists of two tiers. One is SoundCloud pro costing $7 a month and the other is SoundCloud pro unlimited costing $16 a month. The most amazing deal they offer is that the first 30 days are the testing phase of the deal. If you don’t like it you will get your money back. 100% guarantee.

SoundCloud Go

This category also has two types. One is the SoundCloud go which is worth %9.99 a month and the other is SoundCloud go plus which is worth %12.99 a month. 30 day trial period is included in this category as well.

PR Campaign

The word PR stands for “Public Relations”. The true context of this word is the relation between an organization and public. Now getting a bunch of followers is an uphill task. Choosing between these PR campaigns can be difficult and confusing as the internet is full of devious scams. Maximise offers you one of the best PR campaigns, consisting of about 500 partners specializing in SoundCloud activities. These partners aid in reposting your music. Fulfilling your required amount of plays is their utmost priority. This will eventually result in you getting organic traffic. This is the opposite of fake likes. You will be getting likes, comments, and followers from real music lovers. No need to feel bad about getting fake followers, who just like your comment for the sake of money. Maximise has got you covered. Quick responsive team is exactly what you need to get the help you need.


Advantages of PR campaigns

•                 Good head start: Sometimes making a song is not difficult. Promoting it is the most tedious task. When you start from 0 plays, it takes time to be popular. If you want to spread it as fast as fire. Get in touch with a PR campaign.

•                 Enhancement of Social Reliability: Popular things gain more popularity. This is how the reality works. Once your song gets a boost and looks popular, more people will be attracted to it. Ultimately it will bring you one step closer to your goal.

•                 More attraction: PR campaigns usually result in enormous sums of attraction from media, record companies and agents. Just what you needed.

•                 Ever heard of being viral? We have seen songs get viral during test runs. This might now always be the case but these campaigns certainly increases the chances.

Disadvantages of PR campaigns

•                 Not transparent: These SoundCloud plays are not directed towards a specific set of audience. You might be completely unaware which type of people are hearing it hence leading in to a campaign which is not transparent. Plays are guarantee but how they get it or who they reach during it is still a mystery.

•                 Marketing is still required: Getting promoted through these campaigns in not enough. If you think that’s all you need, you are wrong! You need to get a hold of proper marketing technique in order to succeed.

•                 You have to keep it low: Buying SoundCloud plays is regarded as unethical so if you are doing it keep it quiet. Ssshhhh!

•                 Probability of a Scam: There are some really good companies but we cannot deny the fact that scams are everywhere. So there are chances that you might get yourself in to one so be careful.

Though it has some disadvantages, the success of this cannot be ignored. It has helped many people fulfil their dreams. You can also get yours fulfilled but for that you have to be extra careful. Where you go in life is in your hands. Make wise choices! Make the right choices!


Shahzaib Hassan