The SoundCloud profile is the first thing that is noticeable by the people who visit your profile so, it is necessary to create a certain profile that shows who you are and what your profile is all about. It is effortless to make a profile on Soundcloud, but you must know the details that make you stand out in the crowd.

Edit your profile

If you want to edit your profile on Soundcloud, just log in to your account by providing ID and password, when the page opens, click on the top right corner of the page on the profile option, select edit and you can now edit your profile.

Display name and the profile URL

When you make a profile on Soundcloud, you will have two things that will gain the attention of other users that display name and profile URL. So, it is necessary to get this part right. If you have a band, use your band’s name in the display, if you perform alone, then choose your name or if you have a podcast, mention your podcast’s name. The display name doesn’t have to be different so use your own name and don’t include any special characters or numbers. Choose a distinct and professional designation for your profile, so it looks better when shared with other sites and applications. Additionally, it will help you in making yourself search in search engines as well.

But the thing is your Soundcloud profile URL should be different because it goes around the internet. Choose something attractive, easy to remember, and unique, but that also makes sense in the URL. If you own a hardcore band, choose the wording in the URL that matches with the idea of your brand.

Setting up a good profile picture

It is also an essential aspect because you need to look professional in your image and to add into that post a vivid picture so that your followers of other accounts can recognize you easily. It's also important to post a photo that shows a relation of you with your work and shows a representation of what you do.

Click edit your profile, and choose the circle then select a logo or a photo you want to use. The image you post on your profile will be shown inside a circle. You can also zoom in and reposition your picture while uploading and the image should be of 800x800 resolution.

You can also add a layer to your profile and make it look different by adding a profile header. It is the cover picture of your profile that must show something related to what you offer to other users or followers and this picture can also be cropped or repositioned. The photo you upload here will be displayed in a horizontal or landscape zone to select an image that fits perfectly. It is a great place to post something that you are currently working on, and you can represent it through the cover picture. By following these ideas, you can make a good Soundcloud profile.

Shahzaib Hassan