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Soundcloud Promotion


One of the hot topics around town is HOW TO PROMOTE SOUNDCLOUD ACCOUNT? You might come across people wanting to increase their followers at the lowest possible rate. The internet is full of promotion services being offered at different rates. Now the question worth asking is that how many are legit? Scams are all over the internet. So it's all up to you how wisely you pick a deal for the promotion of your account. is a legit way of promoting your SoundCloud account. It’s organized in the sense that all you have to do is bestow your trust on them and leave the rest. You will get all your problems addressed. will become your angel in disguise. When you place your order, it might take 4-8 hours in receiving a response. However, weekends might cause a little delay. Once it’s confirmed you will receive a confirmation message which means that your link has been forwarded to their team.

You will receive extremely organic traffic with the help of  For example, for 10M reposts, you will be getting 40 thousand to 100 thousand plays. It all depends on the quality of work that you have posted. If your work is good enough you might get more likes than this and if it’s not, you might get slow responses after you have availed the promotion service. Your main focus should be on your work. Provide high-quality work in order to succeed.

You will be getting likes, comments, and followers from our promotion services. People will like your work more depending on the quality and comment their thoughts. There is a possibility that if a person likes your work they will recommend it to other peers and this will ultimately increase your fan following. Comments have an advantage that you will come into contact with people’s thoughts. In the life of an artist’s others opinion matters a lot. The advanced given by people can be shaped in the form of changes in the work. This will increase the quality of your work further. The music you make is for the people right? So the key to success is to always keep their thoughts in mind while working.

One thing that you should make yourself comfortable with is the negativity. Hate is pretty common in our society so don’t let it break you.  Remember ignorance is a blessing only in terms of negativity. DON’T IGNORE THE POSITIVE COMMENTS. Let people know that they are heard. This helps build their trust in you.

All the traffic is 100% organic. The traffic is generated from reposts only. You can trust us with that and in return, we promise to never let you down. promotes all genre of music. Mostly our promotion services involve hip-hop services as SoundCloud is based on the hip-hop genre. But this does not mean that we are limited to one genre only. We extend our services to all kinds of genre. You just name it.

The best part is that offers various deals depends on the occasion. Every week you will be receiving around 3 emails which will be illustrating all the deals which are out in the market. You can get discounts as we are aware that everyone just loves discounts. Once you order you will be receiving a private form which will give you an opportunity to save from promotions. After every 2 weeks, 10 playlists are created and around 10,000,000 followers will have access to it. Yes, that’s huge. You can track your work from there if you want to check and balance. In addition to this, there is a spotlight playlist as well. That spotlight playlist would be placed in an account which has around 20,000 - 40,000 plays. Other than this a special boost would be provided. The playlist will be reposted to 5,000,000 followers.

You can get in touch with blogs to get better output. Blogs will make you look more legit.