SoundCloud promotion sites to Get Quality Service 2018

SoundCloud promotion sites to Get Quality Service:

The world of music has always been a business. Always, of all life, perhaps today we live one of the moments in which this is more present and stressed than ever, and is something that we can see in all areas of the music scene and its many aspects and genres; In the most commercial or mainstream sector, or in the underground/alternative, you must sell to stay one step ahead of the rest, otherwise, you have it raw. The world of music has also always been a competition, and is one of the triggers of the birth of the "SoundCloud mafias". The somewhat exaggerated name probably, but most of these profiles/groups that we will now talk about are difficult to qualify with any other name than that. Also, you can look for the SoundCloud promotion packages!  They are no doubt worth it!

I do not have an exact awareness of when this promotion practice started, nor who started it, but I do know that many media outlets in the international electronic scene have been charging for a long time to get your music on their SoundCloud profiles with millions of followers, or simply for giving you a " repost " to win reproductions. Charge for that does not seem wrong at all, in the end, they are media with great influence and what they do is give promotion to whoever asks for it, this has always worked like this, what does not seem right anymore is to charge someone forgets your new track on your profile. It is true that we do not speak of record labels themselves, you speak of media converted to SoundCloud promotion sites. These SoundCloud promotion sites are the best so far as they do all the chores and you see your followers increasing!

The SoundCloud promotion packages are deemed to be the best where the ethics or the values come in, each in that sense; server would be unable to charge a young producer who comes to me with a good theme and wants to give it away through our SoundCloud profile. It would be incapable, directly. Hence the business and competition, that the more followers you have more vouchers, ergo more cobrasThis all you will get through SoundCloud promotion!

As a means of communication you must have a filter and maintain a minimum quality in your "launches", but then we go to profiles that are not means, which are directly promotion channels themselves with, for example, 500,000 followers on SoundCloud. This ensures a good number of reproductions, and it is tempting to offer your new song on that channel to gain notoriety and especially followers, since both the downloads and the mention of the channel, your number of fans on the platform will increase safe; that if, you must be able to afford to pay to leave in that channel, or worse, to allow you a simple " repost ".

Faced with the possibility of earning money taking advantage of the music of others, quality begins to matter less every day; the greens are very juicy and that makes you sometimes find real sloppiness - with all the respect, but I try to be direct so that everything is better understood - with hundreds of thousands of reproductions. This contrasts with productions of young or new people, starting with no resources that sound really good, and do not reach only a thousand plays

Description of SoundCloud promotion!


SoundCloud is a web 2.0 service to host and share audios on the internet. It also offers the possibility of making recordings and searching musical themes, podcasts, interviews, etc. as well as downloads the audios that are of interest to us. The audios uploaded to SoundCloud are presented in a player that can be linked or embedded on our website. The options to share the audios are several: email, blogs, and social networks. We can also follow other users to see updates to their accounts.

How to use it?

Although you can upload audios without previous registration (you have to confirm with an email address) it is convenient to create an account to enjoy all the advantages of SoundCloud. Once we access SoundCloud promotion! we can upload audio files through the "upload & share" button, once uploaded we can configure its characteristics: title, description, genre, labels, etc. Uploaded audios can be public or private and we have the possibility of conditioning other aspects such as downloading or the widget. When activating the button "save" we will visualize the player with our audio, in which the different options are presented to edit, to erase, to unload, to mark like favorite or to share.

Perform and share podcast on educational topics, radio programs, musical themes performed by students, music poems, soundscapes, interviews, readings, etc. Elaborate play-list making searches of different musical versions of the same subject, songs by the same author, auditory works of class students, etc.

What do the SoundCloud promotion sites do?

Follow who follows you.

Start making your core of fans in SoundCloud from there, if someone becomes your follower on SoundCloud, return the follow, little by little you will get a group of people from all over the world who will follow you, with the point in common of your love for the same kind of music

Follow only Soundcloud users who are active

Or people who know you've been online recently, either because you've seen that you posted a comment recently or have seen some activity on your profile. Before there was a green dot that indicated if someone was online, it seems that they have removed it in some SoundCloud update.

There are a couple of reasons to follow only active users

The first is that there are many users of SoundCloud whose accounts are in disuse, follow them is useless and is not productive, focus on active users, do not waste time with inactive or inactive users whose response will not occur in a reasonable period of time.

Second, when a user receives a like or a comment on SoundCloud and is online it is much more likely that you return the favor, or at least that you see your SoundCloud profile (which is already a lot) It only follows people who tend to return the follow.

Follow followers, this is the norm, since that is what you are looking for; followers

How can I know who is going to return the following? Very simple, if a person follows 900 and he is followed by 200, it is very likely that he will follow me after I give him my follow. If on the other hand that person follows 100 and he is followed by 1000 users, the safest thing is that he does not return the follow. Easy, right? Hire the SoundCloud promotion sites!

When someone follows you, start your LCF routine in your profile.

You will see right away that the routine of following followers and doing LCF with their songs will make you gain followers, listeners, comments, and likes on your SoundCloud profile. The tactic is simple but requires effort and dedication. When someone returns the follow, inquire among their followers of SoundCloud.

Get followers SoundCloud through the SoundCloud promotion sites:

Do not make the mistake of following the people he follows, follow those who follow him. At least start to inquire among those people that group of users who follow who follows you is a good source of future followers. Have you messed with the tongue twister? Sure not. The reason: The people who follow him have already gone through the filter to return the follow; they are potential followers of yours. Study them, do LCF, look at their latest activities, etc ...  You do not need to review them one by one, you can look at the number below your profile picture, with the icon of the people on the left side, You can click and focus on the top 10, do not get too dizzy or you'll get tired fast. Be careful not to get confused with the photo you see in this article if below the number it says "following" it is because I am following the user, not because the number indicates the people he is following.

You have to be online.

When you're online you appear at the top of the profile of the people you follow, so you become much more visible in the eyes of people who are also making their own followers, so keep your SoundCloud open in a browser tab and from time to time refresh the page, you can do it by pressing F5.

Be patient

Do not try to do it all the same day, or in a week. Set yourself a daily discipline to divide the work into small doses and not overwhelm yourself. You need it to be a productive activity, not something mechanical, so take your time and do things right.  I hope these guidelines help you get more followers on SoundCloud and more importantly a network of fans of your style of music around the world who will not hesitate to listen, share or comment your songs every time you post one.

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