If you don’t know the answer to does Soundcloud uses data; here is the answer for you. The data of Soundcloud is the product of the quality of the audio files that you always listen to; this is why higher quality means more data usage and the more time you listen to the songs; more data will be used. There are various songs on Soundcloud with an average quality mp3, and their duration is about 3.5 minutes long so, they take about 5 megabytes to torrent. For instance, imagine if you have 10 gigabytes per month data capacity, and you used the internet data only to listen to Soundcloud songs, you are free to listen to about 1,000 songs per month, or you could say 33 songs a day.

Introduction to data usage

Data usage is a term used to refer to the quantity of analog content in terms of memory of the computer that you keep on transferring and receiving through the internet to your computer or your mobile phones and other devices. It is usually counted every month, and the supplier who provides you internet connection may restrict a quantity of monthly data usage. If you use data more than this limit, your internet facility provider will charge you more on your next bill, or your internet speed may slow down.

How much data does Soundcloud use?

We answered yes to the question, “does Soundcloud uses data”? Now, it’s time to answer the question of how much data does Soundcloud use; it is clear that every application that runs through internet connection consumes data but consumption an amount varies by different attributes. The data usage of Soundcloud is average quality for one hour requires 300 MB and using it for 24 hours requires 7 GB approximately. Whereas listening to songs on high definition quality needs 500 MB for an hour and about 11.5 GB for 24 hours.

Well, a person listens typically to songs for an hour or so, and it affordable in this sense but if you want to listen to songs for a long time, you need an internet connection for that. But you can also subscribe to the premium version of Soundcloud to listen to songs offline as well.

Managing the SoundCloud data

Of course, you must not use the internet connection only for Soundcloud, or someone you know, or even you may use Soundcloud while doing other chores as well. Then it is essential to understand how Soundcloud fits into your monthly budget and makes it easier for you to listen to songs without spending the right amount of data on it.

The advice here is to contact the facility provider of your internet connection and check your monthly bill of data usage or ask them how much data you use in a month or if you have a restriction of handling data in a month.

Finally, if you still think does, Soundcloud uses data for listening to music that’s not only the case because it also uses data when you upload/share files with someone.

Shahzaib Hassan