Artists who are yet to be discovered face difficulty deciding which platform they can use to outshine. Because each platform has its advantages and disadvantages and this time it is Soundcloud vs. Spotify. Both these apps share the same vision to provide the rising artists with a platform that they can share their music with the world. These both apps are super easy to use, but they have different features. Let's see the pros of both these apps to create a comparison between them.

Comparison in terms of Cost

The apps provide free and premium versions, but their rates and features differ a little. Spotify gets a lot of subscriptions from the songs that are unauthorized and free for customers. The premium service they offer is for $9.99/month, and the family premium cost is $12.99/month, and the student's price is $4.99/month. And in the premium account, you get to enjoy offline music, standard and high-quality audio, and ad-free songs. Whereas on Soundcloud you have to subscribe for a premium account is $9.99/month, but if you buy in an Apple store you have to provide additional 3 dollars, but it’s cheaper to purchase from the Soundcloud main.

Comparison in terms of Sound quality

Spotify has two streams that are for the premium version it has 320kbps or above, and for the free version, it offers 160kbps. And those who love listening to music can enjoy it at 96kbps. Whereas on Soundcloud, all songs are in mp3 file format and the standard version of this platform has about 64kbps Opus.

Comparison in terms of Downloading

When it comes to Soundcloud vs. Spotify, only premium customers in Spotify can download the songs; however, the recordings downloaded are not accessible to other customers. On the other hand, Soundcloud allows its users to download and enjoy the songs offline.

Comparison in terms of playlist

Spotify gives its customers some attributed when listening to songs online such as the description of the singer’s name and albums, suggested music, and personal playlist as well. So, when a user gets bored of listening to the same songs, they can modify or change their playlist as well. However, Soundcloud can combine style and exciting musicians. Musicians are free to upload and share the music with whosoever they want. But the problem is you can’t create a playlist of your own.

Comparison in handling singers

Artists need many opportunities to get discovered despite their platform to enhance their career. Spotify helps its user to share the music and sell merchandise or show tickets to the users. When access is granted, users can link their other social media profiles to the Spotify as well. Additionally, it has unique codes that you can scan and get your music heard and spread it whereas Soundcloud supports uploading audio files only. But it provides messaging services so that the users can get in touch with each other.

In the end, if it’s Soundcloud vs. Spotify, then these both have their advantages and disadvantages so choose the one which fits your preferences better.

Shahzaib Hassan