How To Get A High Ratio Of Downloads On Your Song | Maximise Dirty Secrets

So you've worked hard on your latest track and now it's time to get out it there, but your scared of people aren't going to download that track you've worked for, is there any dirty secrets? 

Of course, they are, take a look at our latest upload on our SoundCloud. 

You may be thinking the track got around 80 to 100 downloads, with only 11,000 plays, right?
Well, you sir/ma'am are WRONG! 

As you can see, the track got 237 downloads with only 11,000+ plays! But why and how?

It's pretty simple actually, you tease people to download the track by uploading a preview, the most important part about it is that you have to upload the most interesting part of the song to attract the listeners, once they are hooked, they will do anything to download the track, therefore the ratio is much higher, since it's a preview and they can't listen to the whole track on SoundCloud, they are forced to download the track, well, you aren't really forcing them but you get the point!

Now here is the real question, how can I get a good amount of traffic to my song? Well, we can Definity help you!

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