How to Get Your First Gig by Using SoundCloud?

Are you looking for how to get your first gig through SoundCloud? Here is my best guide that will assist you throughout the process. As a beginner musician, scoring your first shows to play appears like a demanding mission. It is right for both producers, DJs, rappers, singers, and bands.

Fortunately, it is not challenging. You require knowing the true methodologies and have the determination for keeping at it.

Here is a complete guide about getting your first gig using SoundCloud.

Getting Ready to Get Gigs

Before you initiate securing gigs, it is essential that you find out while you are willing to make that move. The live show's organization is not similar to the open-mike concerts, hence be assured that you are all set. If you are prepared, you should check and modify the noted points, as preparation is essential.

First of all, your music needs to be at a place which is great for displaying into the public. Are you sure that people will love listening to your music live? Also, can you conduct a show without making a lot of errors? Great, it needs to be.

Secondly, your music and of course you can appear nice. It is essential to have a great physical appearance, design and artwork, and also, online presence. It means you must have a website, an account on Twitter, a profile on SoundCloud, and a Facebook page. Preferably, all of these should have similar extensions for every profile. For instance, if the name of your Twitter account is, your URL of SoundCloud should be

As for the design and artwork, confirm that you have a great style that you are proud of. Band logos and cover artwork do not require cutting them. You should have a great online presence which includes a detailed description.

Next is your physical appearance. If your look is great, it helps. If you want to get a signature style, prefer doing it. You should never dress similar to a bum. It will lead to a great impact.

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At last, it provides you a lot of assistance if you have a huge number of fans that care for you. Reasonably, it is not an extensive group if you are a beginner, but it can be your relatives, musicians, and close friends. Having a lot of people that could bring you to performance is certain adding worth to your position.

If you are ready on all the above stuff, you will have a strong position when you are pitching for shows. In addition to this, being ready reduces the performance nerves. Perhaps, as a beginner, you may have self-doubts about the talent to bring a huge number of supporting people and perform live.

Don’t worry! There are multiple things you should build and improve over time.

How to Get Gigs for Rappers?

Now, the principal part is how to get the first gig. There are some methodologies that you should use while exploring the shows. Here are the best ways to get gigs.

Gigs Results in More Gigs

People will note you while playing the shows and delivering. No matter what the audience is, if you show an awesome impression, it will revert back to you in any way possible. Typically, it results in a tip for another concert, the audience offers you for their remote events or the sponsors will inquire you to come back. Nevertheless, it means if you have a better performance, you will get into a play.

Use Your Already Present Network

You can explore within your network for the individuals that will give you a chance for a show. Explore deeply and look anywhere. You require all the exposures as a beginner. Do you have any idea about people who host events? Go and discuss with them. Purchase a beer and associate them with your music. Arrange a meet up with your friends who are involved in college radio.

List and Approach Local Venues

Make a list of all the venues that are involved in doing events for live music. It depends on whether you are a DJ or a band, it can initiate from the small venues like cafes to big places like live venues and clubs. Create a list in Microsoft Excel and initiate by considering all the places you are aware of. Expand your research by Facebook and Google around your region and confirm where the local musicians play.

Approach Related Promotors

Each region has multiple promoters and event organizers that are specialized in a particular style of music. You need to find and make a list of all those, who can do anything relevant to the event that matches with your style. You should also consider the event agendas of the common venues of live music and to check the events presented by exterior promoters.

Check out Support Opportunities

Certainly, the local venues and promoters will often book the great musicians that are interested in a style identical to yours. The great artists frequently require the support acts to get open for them before playing the show. The open slot of support matching with your style is the best choice for scoring a gig. It is great to try direct connecting with the management or act before talking to the promoter.

When you apply these approaches persistently and regularly, you can easily get your gigs. You will observe that once you initiate making the name into your local scene, and it will attract more offers progressively.

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