How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud?

Do you want to know how to promote your music on SoundCloud? You may have tried your best but all in vain. Let us see all the aspects of promoting your music on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud was earlier used by the musicians to discuss and share the recordings with each other and shifted into a distribution and publishing tool later on. It has developed for becoming the most renowned and biggest platform for online music, particularly for musicians.

With more than 175 million users in a month, SoundCloud provides the authority to the musicians to generate, broadcast and promote their music. It permits the musicians to get new followers and increase their fanbase easily.

Tips to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

Here are some of the amazing tips that will assist you while promoting your music on SoundCloud.

Make a Marketing Plan

While planning, make your plans to succeed. Each musician has to explore what aims they need to attain while promoting the music on SoundCloud. Do you release your new music? Do you need an increased number of followers? Do you love when your fans like and share your music on multiple platforms on social media?

In addition to this, the musician needs to pay attention to the statistics. For instance, what type of music do your fans like? What is the age of the people who love your music? From which location are the fans coming? Do they prefer going to music festivals or clubs?

If you have a strong plan as a musician, it will assist you in identifying your characteristic listener. It emphasized you in a great place to locate and target your fans and have the best results during the creation and promotion of your music on SoundCloud.

When you have a marketing plan in your mind, it will aid you in saving a lot of energy and time when you face with an issue of exploring what to do and where to start while promoting your music on SoundCloud.

Make Your SoundCloud Profile Account

You have the option to make a free account if you are new to SoundCloud. The free account permits you to upload a maximum of 3 hours of music and listen to limitless music. It provides you with your profile views and the stats on your plays.

If you have some additional money to spend, you can go for a Pro Account on SoundCloud. It will give you multiple advantages. It lets the users for uploading up to 6 hours of music and makes the addition of extra features, for instance, the ability to restrict comments on the tracks and improved analytics. Selecting the right account will provide you with the required flexibility while promoting your music.

Customize Your Profile to Look Great

Your profile on SoundCloud is the first impression for a potential follower. It is the first encounter for making an individual attracted to know more about you.

Select a username that resembles with your artist name. If you have the choice to simplify it, you can. Make sure that the users can relate and find you out from the username you choose.

As far as the header image and profile is concerned, it is great for using a personal photo in spite of using an abstract image or logo. It is quite essential when you are trying to make your image. Because it is a great idea for the users of SoundCloud of who they are going to follow.

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Upload High-Quality Music

If you are listening to music that has clarity and balance, it is such a heartwarming experience. It is among the chief factors while it comes to talking about promoting your music on SoundCloud.

Nowadays, every person is a musician and nothing can restrict them from uploading their music. Unhappily, there is a lot of bad sounding music present on SoundCloud.

As a musician, it offers you the chance to be among the music that sounds great if it is mastered and well mixed appropriately. It places a significant impact mainly in your profession and it is best for the future.

Get an Appealing Cover Art

Self-expression also includes art. When it comes to talking about music, you can cover the arts. It focuses to express the type of music you make. SoundCloud lets the users for attacking the artwork for the music they upload.

Let us talk again. Image is all we need. If people start sharing your music on different platforms on social media, the cover art will be utilized for characterizing the image of the shared post.

The cover art is always linked to your music whenever it is shared online. Do you know how many people love art? If they love what they see, they agree to click play and listen to your music depending on what they get on the cover art and what it shows.

Add a “Buy” Link for Fans

SoundCloud provides you the option of adding a Buy link on your music. If your followers love your music, they agree to buy your music. You can associate to sites, for instance, Bandcamp, Beatport, and iTunes offering the chance to make more money.

It is a great option for the musicians who are assertive in the music they create and it is important to consider while you are promoting your music on SoundCloud.

If you do not need your followers to purchase your music, you can lead them to listen to your exclusive music on platforms like Spotify. You can alter the Buy link and write Stream on Spotify. If you love getting some support from your followers, you can make changes in Buy link and make it “Donate” and associate it with a PayPal or Patreon account.

Build a Network

While promoting the music on SoundCloud, one of your chief concerns is networking. You can listen to other music and give your honest comments. Provide your positive criticism with the great feedbacks.

You can also follow other musicians who make related music and try to reply to most of the messages and make sure to follow back any accounts containing inspiring music.

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