1. Use a Relevant Name

See, your display name is the first thing people engage with. It represents you as a brand – and if it’s irrelevant, confusing, or straight-up bad, your marketing will suffer.

Make sure you name looks clear to the user that is listening to your song.

“Hip Hop Repost By Maximise”

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2. Add Links

SoundCloud is a social network, but it’s not meant to be anyone’s primary social platform. That’s why you get the option to sign up via Facebook: SoundCloud expects you to use other platforms.

Consider SoundCloud as the primary place that you’re hosting your music. You need to consider how to leverage other social platforms to drive your fans to SoundCloud to listen (more on this later).

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3. Your Bio and Contact Information

If you’re an up and coming artist on SoundCloud then your bio is an invaluable way to make a strong impression and highlight who you are as an artist.

Focus on who you are, where you’re from, and what you do music-wise as well as all your major and recent accomplishments. Mention any labels you’re associated with, any notable venues you’ve played and any stand-out performances or crowds.





4. Post High-Quality Tracks

If your recordings have low sound quality then chances are they aren’t going to be very well received, regardless of how good the song itself may be.

Make sure you avoid this by only posting complete, high-quality songs. This means uploading tracks that have been properly recorded, mixed and mastered. You may not have the best equipment – but you should still showcase tracks where you make the most of what you have.

5. Focus on Music People Enjoy

Don’t worry about uploading your personal favorite tracks. Instead, work with music that people enjoy – even if you, yourself, are more interested in tracks that aren’t quite as popular with your audience.

Once you’ve established yourself and built up a fan base it will become easier for you to delve into more of the styles you like, but while you're still establishing yourself as an artist it’s a good idea to stick to the music that’s most appealing to your audience.


6. Create a Consistent Experience

In addition to posting music which resonates best with your audience, it’s also a good idea to maintain consistency throughout your songs. This will create a consistent experience for your audience and let your listeners know what they can expect from you as an artist, both factors that will aid in finding loyal followers and growing your fan base.

Hugely successful artists like Chance the Rapper understand the importance of consistent musical experiences, and endeavour provide them as a result, just check out these two tracks to see how he has crafted a consistent style which still provides room for a unique and differentiated musical experience.



7. Use Cover Art

Cover art, cover art, cover art. It’s so easy to make using tools like Canva, Snappa and Stencil, even if you’re bad at technology and design. Make sure you ‘upgrade’ your best work with visuals; it will go a long way.

We always use Canva for our cover arts. Canva + BEST SoundCloud Repost Promotion = best results


8. Properly Name Your Tracks

SoundCloud’s algorithm (DiscoRank) guides people to music they’re likely to enjoy based on how others are reacting to it.

This is done via track names, performer names, keywords, genres and social activity on the track. The name of your tracks have an integral role to play in getting discovered by people who are likely to enjoy your music. Because of this, it is imperative that you title your tracks in a way that not only accurately represents what they are, but also puts your music in front of potential fans.

If your track is premiering on SoundCloud, add (Premier) to the title.

If it’s only a preview, throw (Preview) into the track name.


9. Use Appropriate Genre Tags

As we briefly touched on in the last point, how you label the genre of your music plays a key role in getting it found. A track’s genre is determined by the genre tags chosen by the artist. These tags are a powerful tool when it comes to getting your music found. Not only will the tags let listeners know what type of track to expect…

SoundCloud recommends using as many relevant tags as you can, but no more than that. You don’t want to spam and mislead potential listeners by misrepresenting the genre of your music.

As an artist, you may dislike being labeled and attaching yourself to genres, but the end of the day genre tags will help your music get found and you can’t afford to ignore them.


10. Create Playlists

As time goes on and your popularity grows, you’re going to get an increasing number of page views and fans. You’re also going to have more and more music, no matter how much quality filtering you do. This is natural.

To keep your page organized and ensure users can easily find relevant content, use playlists. You can use them to house albums, uptempo/downtempo selections, moods, and anything else that will help people navigate your SoundCloud page.


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