How We Grew our SoundCloud account to 108,000 Followers?

We have grown our SoundCloud account to 108,000 followers. Do you want to know how? Here is a detailed guide on growing your account on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud makes it stress-free for aiming artists to make their innovative inventions. But there is totally a different story in getting noted among millions of other users. We made the interest of the people in our amazing sound brand through making relationships with the other users of SoundCloud and there are multiple platforms that assist in increasing our visibility such as music blogs, internet forums, and social media.

Polish Your Presentation

The primary thing is focusing on putting up quality music. If you need individuals to get on board with what you are doing, you have to show them anything that they cannot resist listening to. Never upload a new track until you are done recording it. Always spare some time to confirm that what you have worked on the sounds that are characteristic and unique.

Make your bio smart. Make your captivating and short intro that greet your visitors to the page and permit them to know what they can assume from your music and who you are to them. The bio is among the initial things that new listeners will see, so it is quite essential that it should be appealing and written well.

Upload a profile picture of high quality. Your profile picture is your visual representation that shows your style. You can choose anything from an artwork to a funny sign to a simple image. Make sure to choose the photos having high resolution so that your profile will look more proficient whenever anybody looks at it.

Make real artwork to go with the songs. When you have no album art, the new release is not complete. If you remix an old single or drop a track just for entertainment, providing your followers anything to listen, it will assist them from a great link to your track. Also, you can zoom in the album art when you upload to attract your followers.

Write down the thorough explanation for every song. It is the opportunity to inform the users of the story that motivates you to create this music. For sharing the related information, explaining the process of creativity, make use of the descriptions of your song. These things can assist in making an entire picture of you as a musician.

Taking Benefit of Basic SoundCloud Features

Make interactions with other users on SoundCloud. You should check out new profiles to follow. You should come around a singer that takes your attention, comment, repost, or like on some of the songs. Hopefully, they will like your presence and be inspired for having a deep look at your music in return. But do not hope of getting followed back.

Participate in collaborations for increasing the audience. Always keep in contact with the musicians that sounds similar to your interests if they like working with you. It is a great way to collaborate to make amazing music with the power to reach a double number of followers. It also provides you a chance to make a less cross-promotion in the whole process. That’s how we grew our SoundCloud account to 108,000 followers. Click here to get started grow your SoundCloud account.

Prefer using tags for attracting more users. Whenever you upload a new song, you can tag it will multiple related descriptive terms. As the interested users make a click on any of your used tags, your song will appear in the results. Some tags should involve the name of the recorded labels, musical genre, the track title, or the artist name. Also, you can utilize the tags for defining the mood of the song or the equipment or devices used for recording it.

Offer your listeners to share your music. Occasionally, it is simple to get what you need and easy to ask. When you add a closing line to your song description or bio such as “if you love what you listen, don’t forget to repost, like, and follow!” Additionally, you can place a clickable hyperlink to your profile to make it uncomplicated for the users to copy them anywhere they want.

Make the tracks easy to download. For making your track and able to download, add a permissions tab on one of your already present songs and check out the option “Enable Downloads”. The other followers can save the songs to their phones and listen when they want.

Share your tracks on other platforms

Start promoting your profile of SoundCloud on social media. Make different artists accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and update them on a regular basis. Here, you can add links to your latest songs, update the already present tracks, and keep interacting with your followers and fans. As well all know, social media is the best place to market your online music as well as yourself. Invite all the people in your friend list to like, comment and share your songs. Your network will grow larger when your music reaches more people.

Add your work to music blogs. You can make a search for blogs that represent the latest music. You can get an increased number of followers after being featured on famous sites which gets a lot of users on a daily basis. As a result, you can enjoy the added authority as a singer when your work appears by the blog’s value. Prefer the blogs that show music from your related genre. Add a brief message along with the submission showing you are and why are you writing here.

Always be active on forums and internet groups. Get yourself included in the conferences with the fans and creators who are similar to you with whom you share your love with music. Meanwhile, these people have a hobby of listening, there is no need to twist your arms for having them back to check your work. Internet groups and forums are the ideal places where you can get a great response from anyone having an expert ear.

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