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Organic Spotify Placement FAQ

Before ordering, please have a read on our FAQ, if you have any questions, please contact us.

+ Are the reposts real?

Yes, all reposts are coming from accounts that are active Hip Hop accounts, most accounts have tracks on them.

+ Are the plays real?

Yes, all plays are coming from reposts & playlists adds. All traffic is USA based as that is where SoundCloud is most popular.

+ Do you guarantee plays?

Yes, we will keep pushing your music till you get the promised amount of plays, if we fail after 28 days, we will fully refund you the paid amount.

+ What genres do you promote?

Hip Hop, R&B, Trap & Alternative Rock. Anything that is Urban or has a beat is welcome with our promotion

+ When will my tracks promotion start?

After 12 hours of ordering, we will forward your track to our team, after 12 hours from forwarding your track, the promotion should start. Sometimes there might be a delay on the weekends as some of our partners are slow on the weekends so please wait a little bit longer.

+ Organic SoundCloud Plays Refund policy?

If we can't deliver the promised amount of plays within 28 days, we will refund you 100% of the money.

+ Organic SoundCloud Reposts Refund policy?

We don't offer any kind of results from our "SoundCloud Reposts. No refund available.

+ How long does the promotion last?

1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of the campaign you’ve picked. Sometimes it may take 3 weeks.

+ How long does each repost last?

We do not unrepost any of the orders, if this happened to you, please contact us as soon as possible to get it solved.

+ Is this promotion for singles tracks only?

Yes, if you are looking to promote multiple tracks, email us, before emailing us, please have a look at our packages and tell us in the email which package you would like to run on all the tracks. We are open to mixing each package for different track.

+ Will people visit my account & follow me?

Yes, this is a common thing that happens when we promote tracks, please note this out of our control.

+ Would this promotion work on my beats?

Yes, but we highly suggest getting Organic SoundCloud Reposts or mixing both services for the best results.

+ Can your promotion help reach the SoundCloud charts?

Yes, this totally possible, please contact for bigger packages. We don't offer them publicly and please only contact if you got a large budget.

+ Do you have any proof that this promotion is real?

Yes, please visit "SoundCloud Campaign Examples" on our website. You can find it at the top of our website if your on desktop or press 3 small lines to open up more pages options if you're on mobile.

+ Pre-order for my upcoming release, do you offer that?

Yes, when you're pre-ordering, please write in the "SoundCloud Song Link" section "TBA", once we see TBA in the song link section, we will email you asking for the release date so as soon the song gets released, the promotion will start, we try our hardest to start the promotion as soon you release.