Thanks for ordering!

What happens now?

After 12 hours of ordering, we will forward your track to our team, our team should start working on the track within 12 hours after it has been forwarded.

Please read the FAQ for more information.


1. I've ordered on Saturday/Sunday and my promotion hasn't started, what is happening?

Some of our partners are slow on weekends, so please allow another 24 hours in case they're slow. This is out of our control.

2. I would like to promote an album, do you offer that?
YES! Please email us for information about that.

3. I haven't been reposted within 2 days or more since I've ordered, what is happening?
If it's the weekend, please wait until it's Monday or reply to this email.

4. Would like to work long-term with Maximise, is this possible?
YES! We do offer "Management", where we promote you on SoundCloud, Spotify & Instagram! Email for more information.